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We respect those who have walked this earth before us and the wisdom they share. For over 20,000 years, the Aboriginal people of Australia have used native plants from Australia’s diverse climatic regions that have tremendously potent phyto benefits for nutritional, medicinal and skincare benefits.
Plants such as the Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of vitamin C. Or the 1300 species of Red Algae Australia is blessed with, a gift to us all from beneath the seas. A potency born out of the natural defences Australian native plants have been forced to develop over millennia to thrive in harsh and extreme environmental conditions.
The aboriginals are not alone. Gushiv is committed to sourcing and sharing the collective wisdom of ancient civilisations to benefit our skincare choices.
Our skincare products use native ingredients sourced in Australia for their clinically proven benefits. We use the latest modern science extraction methods to preserve the phyto nutritional benefits of our botanical ingredients. These methods enable us to actively transfer the inner working of plant’s unique cellular matrix, developed naturally over millions of years, to your skin whilst maximising their serum’s potency.
Outdated extraction methods such as maceration / percolation / powders reduce the transferrable benefits as the plant ingredients are stressed, breaking down, decaying and fermenting during extraction.
However the modern extraction processes Gushiv has adopted have revolutionised what we can derive from fruits and plants. These are super extracts.
Our planet has all we need for life to thrive but human impact has been profound and we are at a tipping point for sustaining life on earth.
By choosing organic skincare products you are already making a wise choice for Mother Earth.
Our plants can not only help us to make better choices that protect our environment but can also reverse the impact of carbon emissions in the air by drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the earth’s soil through photosynthesis.
Gushiv is committed to both conservation and action for plant species on sustainable living to protect and nourish Mother Earth and our skin at the same time.
It's time to act.

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