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Gushiv D’Arcy and Organic Skin Care Products

“A Heavenly Match”
“Using what we have here on Earth, we can create something amazing;
We have all we will ever need from Mother Earth – our shared heritage;
We are Royalty from ancient times who have been blessed with all the Earth’s riches;
Our treasures are here on Earth;
A Heaven here for us all.”
Gushiv D’Arcy

Gushiv D’Arcy is a renowned cosmetologist, makeup artist and fashion stylist that if you’ve not yet heard of her, you soon will!

Age just 38, Gushiv has had a seismic impact on the organic beauty industry. Unsurprisingly then, her name has spread like wildfire in London, Europe, Australia, Asia and beyond.

Gushiv’s creative talents have afforded her the opportunity to work with many international celebrities and top models, such as Kelly Rowland, Aaron Kwok and Michael Buble. 

Gushiv has also done extensive freelance work for International Beauty Brands.

Gushiv’s skills and professionalism make her one of the most sought after makeup artists in the world. That pedigree has led to a network of creative relationships and allowed her to gain unique experience and insights.

A globally recognised certified cosmetologist since 1999, Gushiv is an Australian Citizen and currently lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.  

As well as conversing in English, Gushiv is also fluent in three different Chinese dialects and is learning Japanese too – a true global citizen.

Due to her success, Gushiv has gained sponsors such as Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlian and Jean Paul Gaultier’s – where she offers her talents as a makeup artist.

With her can-do attitude and work ethic, Gushiv has captured the imagination of the cosmetics world by creating unique organic skin care products – the Gushiv organic skin care brand.

Being a certified organic skin care formulator, Gushiv has extensive experience about what is best for the skin. Gushiv worked with Global International Cosmetics for over 17 years and so gained further experience and the inspiration to start her own business.

Gushiv has a genuine love for Mother Nature that is reflected in her biodegradable products. Her goal is to create wholly natural products that will be healthy and beneficial to the user. Gushiv is heavily influenced by nature, focusing her precision on the anatomy of the face, a smile and a look. Gushiv also factors in colors, textures, moods and the electricity of an environment to ensure that the makeup being used perfectly conveys the thoughts and emotions of the person.

Gushiv recently vowed that she would forego all artificial products she used herself, driving her to formulate her own brand. Gushiv believes that whatever an individual applies to their skin has a profound impact on their overall well-being.
Gushiv is always mindful of the impact that her products will have on the environment. Her plan is to help save the planet by focusing upon biodegradable products that are totally environmentally friendly. 

All the Gushiv range is cruelty free and completely free of toxic chemicals. That is in stark contrast to so many other beauty products that have a high percentage of inorganics and toxins.

Gushiv also offers workshops where users can make their own organic skincare.  Please call to enquire of our workshop availability.

Gushiv is also aiming to sponsor environmentally aware events, redirecting profits from her company to help our Mother Earth.

Helping people to achieve a perfect look is what motivates Gushiv every day as she knows that how we look determines how we feel and how confident we are.

• Gushiv has an incredible eye for detail when it comes to addressing even the smallest of issues concerning client skin. The results are always flawless and seamless.
• Gushiv’s self-belief, determination, and highly polished professional and inter-personal skills guarantee both your satisfaction and also makes the world a better place.
• Gushiv’s uniqueness and stand out profile makes her a top up-and-coming professional in the global makeup industry.
• Gushiv’s parents are her first and best supporters. She always wants to make them proud and help them however possible. Gushiv is always grateful for the love, support and belief that they have given her through her journey.

The sky is truly the limit for Gushiv D’Arcy.

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